5 Great Internet Marketing Posts

Posted on August 8th, 2012 by Jason Shindler

By Jason Shindler

We’ve been making more of an effort to post in the past weeks. But, we’re not the only folks writing high quality material on Web site development and marketing. Here are 5 posts we’ve come across recently:

Answers to the 19 Most Frequently Asked Questions About A/B Testing – Hubspot.com. A/B testing is a great technique to make incremental changes to your site to make it more effective.

Are Daily Deals Dead? – MailChimp.com. I think the answer to the question is no, but they are definitely going to change over time. Radio was really hot in the 1920’s. It is no longer hot, but it isn’t dead either.

7 Essential Stages of Building a Total Online Presence – Duct Tape Marketing. John Jantsch writes a great blog, and this piece is no exception.

The Truth About Ezine Open Rates — Email Marketing Expert Linda Claire Puig Weighs In – Main Street Media Savvy Blog. People rely on open rates and other Web statistics. It is important to know all of the numbers can be wrong for various reasons. Linda explains why and what to do.

Easy Article Writing and Blog Content – Love it! – ClickNewz. You should read this article if only to learn what not to do! You shouldn’t rely on article generating services or products to write your blog for you. Any potential customer or client would see right through it!

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