Business Basic: Having a Credible Social Media Presence

Posted on January 22nd, 2015 by Jason Shindler

By Jason Shindler

social-349568_640Despite all of the hype, social media isn’t the only way to promote a business. In fact, some businesses, despite whatever efforts they make, won’t get any business as a result of social media activities.  For example, B2B (business to business) service businesses, such as lawyers, accountants, and Web site developers won’t likely get much from social media.

That said, all businesses in 2015 ought to have a credible social media presence. Even those that won’t get business from social media should have something out there that looks professional and up-to-date. That’s because people look there from time to time and you ought to look your best as people try and get a background on your business.

Here’s what a credible social media presence looks like:

  • At least 100 followers/likes/etc. – You want to make sure that if someone goes to your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc, that it appears like more than just and your friend are the ones who are using it. You’ll want these to be real people — so a quick email to friends and clients asking them to “like” your page will usually get you to at least 100.
  • Branding that matches your Web site and other collateral materials — You want to make sure your social media pages have matching logos and other visuals that look like other materials your company produces.
  • Updated content — You need to have content that is updated recently to look credible.
  • Credible content –– You need to have content that is relevant to your business and looks like it was prepared with thought and intention.

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