Is your Website great for women and men?

Posted on March 11th, 2016 by Jason Shindler

By Jason Shindler

download As experts at Website development, we need to know whether a Website works well for both genders. The traditional way to do this would be to organize focus groups and show the Website to men and women and gauge their reaction to it. This would be expensive and time consuming. Using Google Analytics, there’s an easy way to do this without meeting anyone in person.

Before we go over the technique, what are some issues that would effect your Website’s performance by gender? Men and women perceive things differently, and this can effect people’s reactions to your products and services. According to Digital Synopsis, men and women have different color preferences. A study in the International Journal of Design, showed that men were more concerned with functionality, women focused on aesthetics more. Men generally preferred sharp lines, women liked rounded corners. All of these generalities are just that, and the only way to know how they impact your business is to test them. 

Tools to test a Website for gender issues.
1. A Website
2. Google Analytics Account

To get started, you must configure your Website to use Google Analytics. Then, you need to go to Google Analytics reporting and visit the Audience –> Demgraphic –> Gender report. If you haven’t already, you need to press the “Enable” button for the Demographics and Interest Reports so Google will show you the data. You may need to wait up to 24 hours to see results.

Example of Google Analytics Report

Example of Google Analytics Report

Once you are in, you’ll see our Website traffic broken out by gender. Note that this only works for a subset of traffic on your site, as Google doesn’t know everyone’s gender. For my site, they knew about 65% of user’s genders. To see if your site has problems, look for differences in the bounce rate, pages per session and other metrics. You can also configure as a “advanced segment” to look at all reports in Google Analytics by gender.

Want to learn more about testing your Website by gender? Give us a call at 425-818-9096.

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