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We are a well-established Seattle/Bellevue based firm, with 9 years of experience developing various project types, centered on professionalism and trust. We help small businesses with Web site design, programming, hosting, and marketing.

Meet Our Team

  • Jason Shindler Jason ShindlerCEO/President
  • Jennifer Harbel Jennifer HarbelProject Manager
  • rebecca-cover Rebecca HosfordWeb Developer
  • kevin-cover Kevin LinebackWeb Developer
  • Anita, one of our designers. Anita ElderGraphic Designer
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    Jason Shindler


    Jason possesses nearly 10 years of Web site development experience.  While attending the University of Florida, he developed an online request system — called HAWK — that is still in use today by the university’s Department of Housing.  Curvine Web Solutions is Jason’s 2nd business focusing on Web site development, previously holding a partnership in a similar firm before starting Curvine.  He manages Curvine and is in charge of sales and billing.

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    Jennifer Harbel

    Project Manager

    Raised as a military brat, Jennifer is content to call Seattle home (at least until the dromomania sets in again).  Her work experience greatly supplements her illustrious degree in English Literature, allowing her to be adept in the arts of herding cats, sitting down while taking charge, and smiling-like-you-mean-it.  She enjoys her job as Project Manager for Curvine, because she gets to tell people what to do without having to do any of the hard stuff herself.  When not ordering people about, or astounding others with useless trivia, she can be found enhancing her mind with either fine literature or reruns of Northern Exposure and Pinky & the Brain.

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    Rebecca Hosford

    Web Developer

    Raised in the Midwest, Rebecca received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois. After spending several years on the East Coast, she moved to Seattle in 1987, and is still thrilled to be living here. Eternally curious, Rebecca has pursued several career paths. After a serious medical setback forced a mid-life reboot, she returned to school to study web design and development, which has become her passion. When she isn’t geeking-out on jQuery, Sass, or Magento, she is usually spending her free time engaged with some equally nerdy obsession: reading the complete works of a favorite Sci-fi author, or sitting in a dark theater watching 5-6 films a day, for days on end at Seattle’s film festival, or spending an entire week feasting on opera in 4-5 hour chunks at Seattle’s Ring.

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    Kevin Lineback

    Web Developer

    Kevin studied fine arts in school with an emphasis in printmaking. In school he took a class on digital art and found that using the computer to make images seemed very similar to printmaking for me. After the internet took off he became interested in HTML but didn’t really become active developing websites until he took a certification program in web design and development. Kevin moved to Seattle from Montana to go to the University of Washington and has never left. He also loves to cook, travel and garden. He believes it is great to go somewhere around the world and try new cuisine and then come home and try to duplicate what you fell in love with on your latest trip.

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    Anita Elder

    Born in Pennsylvania, Anita moved to the Seattle area after spending 15 years in the Air Force as a ground equipment mechanic. After teaching herself HTML in the mid-90s, she went back to school to learn more about coding and Photoshop. She enjoyed the courses so much, she decided to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication. The degree made a big difference, so what was once a hobby has become a very rewarding career, working on design projects for some of the top companies in Seattle.

    When she’s not busy on the computer, Anita can be found volunteering at Woodland Park Zoo, leading photography trips, and cooking gourmet meals for her husband and friends.

The Curvine Promise

Selecting a firm to develop your web presence can be hard, and our three-part promise aims to put you at ease:

  • We promise to always give you honest advice, even if it's not in our firm's best interest
  • We promise to communicate the truth to you throughout your project.
  • We promise to send you a fair and accurate bill for our services.
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